Naa Korkor Leeyoo Watson-Nortey
Naa Korkor Leeyoo Watson-Nortey
Peer Educator Mentor and Speaker Writer Editor Author of Blossom Quotes
Naa Korkor Leeyoo Watson-Nortey

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Blossom Quotes


Blossom Quotes


There is one whose rash words are like swords thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing’ Proverbs 12:18.

 The power of words can move one into tears, induce absolute joy or drive one into actions encouragement derived from words, sympathy created out of words spoken and love shown are as a result of right words born out of strength which defines one’s faith. These words eventually put fear to flight.

The words spoken should uplift, encourage and build an individual. One’s words should be a reflection of innate thoughts. Words should speak life, compassion, kindness, hope, strength and blessing.

It is worth noting that the words spoken are like seed planted in the soil that will germinate in either positive or negative fruits; the latter being what should be avoided.

Words will comfort you and in your time of need, words will nourish you.

‘Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well’ (Robin Sharma)


About the Book

There is an outpour of self motivational words in the book which will begin to build strength in you. You will discover beautiful zeal to stand against trying times.

You will find the strength to war against negative thought. You will build resistance against solitude and fear.

Words are man-made. These words will make you spring with newness and freshness of thought.